UC/S Map Librarians Group Spring 2002 Meeting at UC Santa Barbara

9:30am If you like to look at flashing lights on computers, you can tour the server room:-) Larry and I will have coffee and muffins/bagels/oranges/that sort of thing ready for you in the Map and Imagery Lab. I'm planning on having at least some of the meeting in the SEL Conference Room (very pleasant room on 2d floor), which I regret to say has a non-functioning pc and computer overhead. So we'll need to be in MIL for any computer show-and-tells.

10:00am Opening; Introductions

10:20am Census2000 - Julie S-S on Census 2000 data (US govt; commercial) for use in GIS; what are the rest of us using?
- ?Anyone want to volunteer to discuss: Mapping abilities of Counting California
Stanford Geological Survey and use of large format scanners and plotters in libraries - Julie S-S volunteered for this one also :-)

11:15am or thereabouts Collaborative collection development -
Interlibrary loan: Are we in agreement that for borrowing maps of any kind (geologic or otherwise), we go through calmap or calgeo email reflectors?
And use Rookwood for faxing periodical articles or perhaps chapters? Here's the URL for the Rookwood address list: http://library.berkeley.edu/EART/1-quick.html
(CALGEO meeting lunch on Friday)
- Collection Development Agreement expires July 1, 2002. Work to be done:
a. We need to read it over and see if any changes are needed.
b. The Form needs to have names of current AULs and ULs on it. Then we each talk with our AUL-Collections and get a virtual signoff.
b. We need to read it over and see if any changes are needed.
c. We each need to look at conspectus and make any changes. As per previous email I sent on this, in May I can do a compilation of changes (unless someone else wants to volunteer)
QUESTION about the conspectus - level 3 means 1:250,000/1:200,000 scale, right? and level 4 means 1:100,000 and larger?
- hardcopy items - e.g., Russian-produced topos of Azer., Kazach., Kyrg.
- chasing down hardcopy items - e.g., SPOT Mag, SPOT Flash, ESRI Data & Maps
- digital materials - purchases from govt/commercial
- downloading from Websites, e.g. MapFinder (Larry Cruse's email)
- pay to have it scanned or scan-it-ourselves, e.g.: - historic 1:250K USGS topos of US (473 sheets; maybe 3 editions per sheet?)

12:30-1:45pm lunch

Continuation of collection development as needed
Cataloging (collaborative) of digital geospatial data available over the Web
- InfoMine
- model being used for ejournals (UCSD cataloging dept catalogs on hardcopy record, adds URL for e-version, and then ships records to other libraries)
- we each catalog separately
- difference between cataloging items available from non-UC, or from one of us
- difference between cataloging policies (e.g., one library may catalog a serial as a whole, while another may catalog it one by one); Phyllis notes that new MELVYL will have monographs and serials in one catalog so these should cluster.

3:30pm or thereabouts coffee break

Collaborative cataloging (continued)

Round-robin for anything we missed in the preceding discussion