Agenda - UC/S Map Libraries Group

September 13, 2002 - UC Santa Cruz

Welcome and introductions

Shared Cataloging

* CDL Shared Cataloging Program
---At click on "New Projects Letter" for a description of their goals and procedures.
---Example for discussion: Larry's suggestion to add url's for the online versions of the USGS Digital Data Series (DDS); also this NOAA project and the David Rumsey map site:

Shared Purchase Sugestions

* Columbia Gazetteer Online
* Aerial Express California metro areas CD imagery
* Others?

Agreement & Conspectus

*Followup on the agreement & conspectus, including how we want to handle updating the conspectus.

Scanning Projects & Priorities

* ComputaMaps - - large format scanner project at UCB

*Digitizing specifications for scanning maps
---Larry recommends David Allen's 1998 article on Creating & Distributing High Resolution Cartographic Images at

*LSTA Grant Proposal to scan California historic topo quads

* Setting priorities for future scanning projects: what would you like to see scanned?

Depository Library Issues

* Federal depository library inspections: Implications for map collections & their staff.

* Update on the CDL Task Force on Government Information.

What's New?

* Brief Web Demos:

"Scoping" the Map Collection in UCSC's CruzCat
Atlas of Global Inequality

*Conference updates: CUAC 5/02; ALA 6/02; SLA 6/02; ESRI 7/02.

* Round robin: 2 minute summary of what's happening at your campus.

Next Meeting - Spring 2003 at Stanford?

Please send suggestions for additional items to Cynthia Jahns at UCSC.