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Agenda: UC/Stanford Map Libraries Group

12/16/08 10am-1pm via telephone

1. Introductions / Approval of Minutes

2. Budget/money issues:
a. Effects of budget cuts/spending for this fiscal year and next fiscal year on each campus: reorgs, downsizing, collections cuts, etc. (Julie)
b. Impact of this on our ability to collect separately or as a group (Julie)
c. Impact on professional development plans for the near future (Cynthia)

3. Census Mapping Products
a. SimplyMap, Geolytics etc. (Mary & Mike)
b. Navtech (Jeremy Woolen) (Julie)

4. Sanborn maps updates
a. LoC & Cal Northridge (Julie & Cynthia)
b. LAUC grant to create an inventory list of potential scanning projects at various map collections (Cynthia)

5. Online digital map collections: Updates? (Julie, Fatemah & others?)

6. GIS Usage Survey? (Fatemah—anything to report?)

7. China maps? (Mary)

8. What to do with Gifts: Select/Reject (Wendie)

9. Update: Columbia Gazetteer of the World (Mike & Julia)

10. June 2009 meeting: in person? where?

11. Round Robin



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