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UC/Stanford Map Libraries Group Meeting

UC Irvine
Langson Library #110

Thursday, June 26, 2008


9:30 am Welcome: from UCI Libraries,

9:40 Introductions; Approve minutes of previous meeting -- W. Helms, Convener.

9:50 Sanborn scanning update with LC. -- J. S.

10:00 Overview/ comparisons: mapping/GIS interfaces for census data. -- J. S.

10:45 Preparations for December phone/video conference. Form sub-committee – J.S., C.J.
11:00 Online digital map collections – J.S

11:30 Academic Map Library Survey; UCD reorganization – K.S.

(if enough time), Next-Gen Melvyl—T.H.


1:00 Change of convener, next meeting venue – W.H.
1:10 Round Robin: Preservation projects, conferences, news, weeding projects. -- all

2:00 SimplyMap demo, questions, S. Swartz, Geographic Research.

3:00 Adjourn



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