UC/Stanford Map Libraries Group
June 5, 2006 at UC Riverside

UC/Stanford Map Librarians Meeting at UC Riverside
Science Library Room 240
June 5, 2006


9:30         Coffee, juice, tea, pastries

10:00         Introductions and Welcome from Dr. Ruth Jackson, University Librarian

10:30         Updates

  -   Mexico Digitals (Megan)

  -   Sanborn scanning project (Julie, David, Cynthia)

  -   CUAC as I heard at WAML (Kathy)

11:00  What is the USGS is up to and what it means for Topographic scanning projects?

11:30 Where should we go with California Topo Map Scanning?

           -   Multiple map project scanning registries

  -   USGS Standards

Noon – 1:00         Lunch (provided by UC Riverside)

1:00    NDIIP Collection Development Policy

1:30    Digital Data in our Catalogs Discussion

  -   Are we entering GIS data in our catalogs?

  -   Do we have local practices to identify it?

  -   Do we want to standardize local cataloging practices?

  -   Is it possible for us to standardize? How?

2:20    Next Meeting – When and Where

2:30    Round Robin – Campus Updates

2:59    Passing on of Convenership

3:00    Tour of UC Riverside Map Collection (optional)