Date: Fri, 12 May 2000


From: Mary Larsgaard

Subject: CDL Survey - update for Maps/Geography


Following are items being worked on during the year 2000.

A. Geography 1. Geobase (Elsevier): Trial from April through the end of June; Elsevier's proposed price for all campuses does vary depending upon which email I'm reading, and ranges from $56,910 to $63,000 ($6,000 is the one-campus price). I'll be checking with bibliographers as to how useful they and their users find this index to be, especially in comparison with other indexes such as Web of Science and Georef. While Geobase is a primary index for geography, we would want to bargain this price down considerably.

B. Maps (Cartographic Materials/Geospatial Data)

1. ArcEurope (CD): Wendy Helms (UCR) has kindly agreed to serve as our contact with ESRI, and has negotiated for us a deal whereby each campus that wants one will get a copy of this CD - ESRI will charge the UC libraries as one library, so cost per campus will be about 1/8 or 1/9 (depending on how many libraries participate) of list price; estimated amount of about $170 per campus. UCR will pay ESRI and the other campuses will reimburse UCR as appropriate.

2. Columbia Gazetteer: I spoke with a publisher's representative at ALA Midwinter and got basic pricing information; after we have decided what do to re Geobase, then I'll work on this.

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