Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002

From: Mary Larsgaard <>
Subject: [Calmap] Annual report to CDL for map/geography online materials

Following is the 2001-2002 report for the Maps/Geography online-materials plans, including recently purchased items:

a. Columbia Gazetteer: B and SB have purchased subscriptions. Julia Gelfand of UCI has spoken with Ms. K. Wittenborg re having the Gazetteer included in other Columbia online collections (e.g., Earthscape, to which CDL subscribes).

b. Sanborn maps of California:

Last year, SB purchased a one-year subscription; SB elected not to renew the subscription on the grounds that:

- the lack of color in the maps was a problem for UC users;

- the database was primarily used by non-UC users.

At the same time, the interface has improved considerably and other UC libraries are now considering it more favorably (e.g., B has a subscription).

c. Digital topographic maps of California:

- Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs):

These DRGs - early-1990s scans of the most current edition for each U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) topographic sheet at 1:24,000 scale for the state - were scanned on contract by Teale Data Center for USGS. They are available for the entire state

via the Alexandria Digital Library:

- All other USGS topographic quadrangles of the state, at all scales:

i. B has had scanned all historic quadrangles for the Bay area; these are available at:

ii. SB wrote a preliminary proposal for scanning non-Bay area historic topos for the LSTA program administered by the California State Library (CSL); CSL has advised that SB not write a final proposal at this time but wait for the next round of proposals.

iii. SB is currently planning on purchasing a large-format scanner sometime in the coming 6-12 months. While this will be available for use by all departments of the Davidson Library, one program will be scanning historic topographic quadrangles of California. Another will be scanning SB's air-photo-flight indexes (estimated ca. 9,000 sheets).

iv. Li Hunt, map librarian for the university libraries of the University of Southern California, is currently embarking on using a digital camera to capture images of 1:62,500-scale, 1:125,000-scale, and turn-of-19th/20th-century 1-degree sheets of the state. She has approached SB about participating in a cooperative project, and is working with USGS-Menlo Park as a possible participant in this project.

- Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quads (DOQQs):

These rectified aerial photographs at an effective scale of 1:12,000 are now available via the Alexandria Digital Library for about 70% of the state. The remaining 30% of the state was completed by USGS in early 2002, and is on order by SB.

d. Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) for the United States:

DEMs present elevation data in a raster-like form. SB has DEM data at 1:24,000-scale, 1:100-scale, and 1:250,000 for the U.S. This is a time-consuming set of data to process so it may be mid-2003 before it is available via the Alexandria Digital Library.

e. Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts via CSA:

Several of the UC libraries have subscribed to this service. If there a sufficient number of UC libraries subscribing, CSA is willing to lower the price per library. Please let me know if you have questions about this matter. 

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