University of California / Stanford Map Library Group Meeting, Mar. 20, 2001 at UCSB

Chair, Larry Cruse Hosts, Larry Carver, Mary Larsgaard.

Present: John Creaser (UCB), Larry Carver(UCSB), Larry Cruse (UCSD), David Deckelbaum (UCLA), Julia Gelfand (UCI), Greg Hajic(UCSB), Barbara Haner (UCLA), Wendie Helms (UCR), Cynthia Jahns (UCSC), Mary Larsgaard (UCSB), Dorothy McGarry(UCLA), Julie Sweetkind (Stanford), Yvonne Wilson (UCI). Visitors & presenters: Trisha Cruse (Counting California), Phil Hoehn (David Rumsey Collection); Don Janelle (Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSISS)), David Rumsey (David Rumsey Collection)

Welcome & Introductions Larry Carver extended his welcome to us from the UCSB Maps & Imagery Lab.

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science Don Janelle introduced the Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science, (CSISS). To quote the web page at , "CSISS is funded by the National Science Foundation under its program of support for infrastructure in the social and behavioural sciences. Its programs focus on the methods, tools, techniques, software, data access, and other services needed to promote and facilitate a novel and integrating approach to the social sciences". Don Janelle pointed out that space may be viewed as an integrating mechanism. They are redefining infrastructure tools. Economists are interested in the concept. GIS is supported as a tool. He displayed examples of creative maps. Young scholars are chosen to take workshops offered by the Center.

ADL Catalog and data Mary Larsgaard distributed two sheets: "ADL Quick Search guide", and "Areas of improvement for ADL Catalog." Mary demonstrated the Alexandria Digital Library and told us about work that should be done to improve it. She would like to improve the background map by using the 1:1,000,000 Digital Chart of the World. She discussed scaling issues and the trade off between detail and speed of data feed. Mary would like to limit by date and range of dates, and limit by scale. Users unfamiliar with scales might prefer terminology such as: "The size of a building; the size of a city or the size of a country." She discussed catalog records, data, interface/search categories. We should try out everything on ADL and let them know what we need.

David Rumsey Collection David Rumsey impressed the group with the statement that there has been a 50% increase in the number of scanned maps in the David Rumsey Collection. Separate maps will be available through Melvyl and everything will be dumped into ADL. He has been working with GIS to georeference historical maps. Open archives protocols: See for an integrated map collection with the Library of Congress. It requires a Luna Imaging platform. Phil Hoehn said OCLC records will be sent to Berkeley/GLADIS to be exported to Melvyl and RLIN.

USGS historic topographic maps John Creaser reported on progress with the scanning project with USGS, Reston. The project has slowed down due to lack of server space, equipment and personnel problems. The historic topographic maps of the Bay area are being scanned as a pilot project for USGS. Images will be converted to MrSid format which creates smaller files. Maps will be available on the web, zoomable, and have thumbnail maps. John made some contacts for possible future projects.

Counting California Trisha Cruse reported on the web site for Counting California, . Quote from the web site: "A new initiative committed to enhancing California citizens' access to the growing range of social science and economic data produced by government agencies." It is an interface to numeric data which provides user-friendly access, and guarantees uniform and persistent access. In the future we will be able to get the data in ASCII format. David Deckelbaum told her that he would like to see the tables exportable for use in GIS. She indicated she would get back to us on what format tables can be downloaded from the site for use in a GIS.

Other discussion We discussed future UC/SMLG meetings. UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz are alphabetically next in line after UC San Diego. Can a meeting can be sandwiched in with WAML in Spring 2002? Since Mary hosted this meeting perhaps Cynthia Jahns can hold it in September at UCSC? Cynthia will get back to us to see if we need to meet.

Maps can be plotted off the web from the Census Bureau site. A discussion followed regarding whether or not it is worth the trouble and expense of purchasing a plotter. Some campuses will purchase the maps they need. We discussed the Columbia Gazetteer. It is charging by campus unit. Is it replicated on Earthscape?

The meeting ended at 4:45p.m. Minutes submitted by Wendie Helms, UCR.