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UC/Stanford Map Librarians Meeting at UC Riverside
Science Library Room 240, June 5, 2006

Attendees:  Kathy Stroud (Davis), David Deckelbaum (UCLA), Yvonne Wilson, Julia Gelfand (Irvine), Mary Larsgaard (Santa Barbara), Wendie Helms (Riverside), Cynthia Jahns (Santa Cruz), and regrets from San Diego & Berkeley.

Wendie welcomed everyone to UCR.  UCR's University Librarian, Dr. Ruth Jackson, joined us for a formal welcome later in the morning.

Review of Minutes from December 9, 2005 meeting at UCLA. Kathy will add additional notes to Mary’s for final version. Editorial revisions will include:

  • Revise extending invitation to Ivy Anderson from Shared Collections since Nancy Kushigian is retiring.
  • Mary will find out where NAIP jpegs are.


  • Cynthia asked if anyone else was receiving damaged Dibblee maps - the tubes were arriving smashed.  Mary will provide contact name to report problem at Dibblee
  • Dibblee CDs - there is some reported difficulty in opening up files.  Files will no longer being distributed as "seamless" layer CDs.  Hopefully this will resolve the problem.


Mexico Digitals (Mary for Megan)

Larry completed the purchase paperwork before he left. UCSD has received the DVDs from the vendor, Mark Walker. The images will be available for UC persons to use for UC projects. A cautionary note should be included on all records for these products regarding copyright - use only by UC Scholars.  Patrons should be warned that INEGI must grant copyright for use in publications, posting to other sites, etc.  Requests for use can be made to UCSD.  Use the 1:50,000 index to determine what images are needed. Cataloging is forthcoming. UCLA has a standing order for the 2nd edition in paper. The first edition is at SRLF.  Stanford is also purchasing the 2nd edition in paper.

Sanborn Maps Scanning Project (Julie, David, Cynthia)

Julie provided an update and shared current issues and concerns, including cost. Stanford is creating a list/spreadsheet of all CA libraries with pre-1923 print maps and hopes to have that done soon.  This will give us an idea of how much scanning could be done locally. Potential cost quotes were $60/hr computing to a total of $287k via Colleen Cahill at the Library of Congress.  Getting interns in DC would be preferred to conducting the scanning ourselves.  Colleen is highly motivated to get this underway and is exploring working with students from local institutions there. 

Related issues include running a pilot project or scanning in batches.  The long-term goal is to have a national collection of scanned Sanborn maps of CA.  Texas is already underway and Julie is reviewing their contract and investigating whether doing a purchase order or MOU may be possible. It may be more expeditious to use this as a procurement mechanism rather than a contract. Julie is also contacting CSU Northridge, which has a very large collection of Sanborn maps.  The map librarian, Mike Swift recently retired and Acting Replacement, Kris Tacsik may not be as enthusiastic about the scanning project.

Concerns were also expressed about the search engine associated with the American Memory Project.  It might not be sophisticated enough for our purposes.

Next steps/Action items:

  • Explore funding options - via Philips Society
  • Work with Colleen at LC to get paperwork in queue to hire students
  • Work with John Herbert on indexes to collections
  • Finish survey of CA library holdings
  • Determine best method for contract/purchase order/MOU

CUAC update as reported at WAML (Kathy)

Kathy shared several issues that Katie Lage and Michael Fry, WAML CUAC representatives, reported at the Spring WAML.

  • Katie is working with BLM to get their maps sent out flat not folded.
  • Most recent 1:500k statewide BLM maps may not have been received through the depository program. Katie is checking into.
  • NCRS/Soil Survey has a new Web Soil Survey http://websoilsurvey.nrcs.usda.gov/app/
  • GPO has new Web OPAC from ExLibris and is soliciting feedback
  • GPO is starting registry of digitization projects at http://origin.www.gpoaccess.gov/legacy/ . So far it lists one map project - historical soil survey of South Carolina
    • Kathy suggested we request adding a maps category
  • LC announces Sanborn Projects with Texas & CA coverage
  • Bureau of Transportation Services - discontinuing web project
  • National Transportation Library - status is unclear
  • USGS - topos will continue to come out in print; hiring National Mapping Coordinator; engaging in digitization project to preserve all maps/formats of topos

What is the USGS is up to and what it means for topographic scanning projects?
Where should we go with California Topo Map Scanning? (All)

  • There are now multiple map project scanning registries.
  • It is not clear whether USGS will be scanning old topo maps and hosting the images or whether they are looking for partners to do the scanning and/or host the images.
  • USGS claims they will be publishing standards.  Unofficially we heard that it would be 508 dpi & 24 bit color.  UCSB is scanning at 300 dpi, so would this mean their scans would not count toward the national collection. Chico's collection is also scanned, and may not meet criteria.
  • Greg Allord at USGS is the contact person for information about the USGS scanning project and is working with the UW-Madison pilot scanning projects
  • Ongoing topo scanning projects:
  • UCSB has completed 6’ LA County scans and they are on the web at http://www.sdc.ucsb.edu/holdings/caltopo.html .
  • Berkeley has been scanning 30’ maps
  • Chico has been scanning
  • UCSB has Union List - also has Li Hunt's Inventory list from USGS, USC, UCLA, UCSB & LAPL
  • Action Items:
  • Kathy will spread the word on multiple scanning registries to Caltopo list.
  • Julie will contact Diane Garcia at USGS about the progress of/status of scanning projects
  • Julie will contact Doug Shank for inventories & retention of scanned content
  • Mary will contact Mitch Adelson
  • David will contact Greg Allen
  • Cynthia will check on inventories of 1:125 and 1:250

NDIIP Collection Development Policy (Mary)

Mary showed a password protected worksite containing the National Geospatial Data Archive.  She expects to have an open comment period around July 2006.  They have created a Collection Development Policy reflecting Stanford & UCSB which has been a more extensive project than initially expected.  It is intended to be brief for libraries and government agencies with reduced library lingo and acronyms.

Major questions & issues to raise:

  • Archive collections of interest only to primary users?
  • Understand that this is a work in progress that must change with the times
  • Reflect incremental archiving - different versions
  • Contains format registry
  • Need for metadata records

They expect to take to ESRI Conference in August to share,  and to post it to different professional map library groups - MAGERT via MAPS-L; IFLA G&M Section; SLA; NACIS, post on Web at Risk via LC


Digital Data in our Catalogs Discussion (All)

Kathryn Lage's PowerPoint slides were distributed from WAML presentation, "Current Cataloging of Digital Cartographic Materials" Look for forthcoming article in Journal of Map & Geography Librarianship (January 2007 issue)

Kathy Stroud then raised the issues:

  -   Are we entering GIS data in our catalogs?

  -   Do we have local practices to identify it?

  -   Do we want to standardize local cataloging practices?

  -   Is it possible for us to standardize? How?

It was agreed by the group that it would be nice to standardize local practices. A major discussion followed about options for 653, 655 and 690 fields and how to note vector and raster data.  If a consensus is reached, a proposal will be sent to HOTS.

ACTION:  Mary will draft a proposal for review. Kathy will assist.

Next Meeting – When and Where

Tentatively set for UCSD in December 2006

WAML will meet in September 2006 at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff and in Spring 2007 in Pasadena

Round Robin – Campus Updates

  • Davis - New Map Room Cataloging Assistant will soon begin working on Atlases; just got Mountain High Maps to install; lots of recruitment underway: Head of Access Services - (Linda Kennedy is serving as Acting Head until appointment is made, Patsy Inoyue is now Acting Head of Gov. Info & Maps), AUL for Administrative Services, AUL for Humanities/Social Sciences; Head of Bio Ag, and Health Sciences Reference/Outreach Librarian. A Head of Serials to be posted soon.
  • Santa Cruz - Under new UL, the Library staff is reviewing two proposed models for a reorganization structure and will soon post some configurations for 2 new AULs: Collections/Public Services; Technical Services/Systems; McHenry Library building is under renovation with an addition being made - will probably take until 2009 for completion
  • Riverside - some library reorganization potentially on the horizon; filled two new AUL positions, expect one more for recruitment; investigating the new HP 815 plotter/printer; added Historic Census product from Geolytics & users appear to really like it; getting questions for historical British GIS compatible data
  • Los Angeles - Moving Cataloging & Technical Services off-site/on campus in January 2007; Bought China 1:100 in digital format; Engaged in Space Planning for URL; Completed interviews for Anglo American Literature Curatorial position and expect recruitments after retirements in coming months (Ellen Broidy - Head of Unit/History/Women's Studies; Diane Childs in Ed Psyc Library; Roberta Medford, Social Sciences Bibliographer; Chris Coleman in Preservation)
  • Irvine - Active recruitment underway for many positions including Head of Acquisitions, Head of Collection Development and 4-5 positions for Research Librarians in different areas; concluded interviews for Archivist; Enrollment for summer school 2006 expected to be high as well as are the projections for entering freshmen in Fall 2006
  • Santa Barbara - UL Sarah Pritchard has resigned and will go to Northwestern in August; Patrick Dawson is now Acting AUL for Public Services & Collections; Brad Eden from UNLV just started this week as AUL for Technical Services
  • Stanford - Meredith left GIS position and recruitment underway for her successor; USGS in Menlo Park has downsized its Mapping Division; Stanford has moved 75k more maps off-site to Livermore Storage Facility for a total of 100k; purchased all the USGS Topo 7.5 min Topos Quad Indexes - Julie will send out more information about this; Sent 1:24k topos from east of the Mississippi and immediately west went to Storage; Google is coming to scan <1923 titles - does not include fold-out maps inserted in books; got a new Navtech scanner - can do up to 800 dpi - uses LEDs - never goes out of calibration - comes with 3 yr. warranty; Julie is teaching map librarianship course at SJSU Library School in Summer 2006 and expects 13 students.

Passing on of Convenership

Yvonne Wilson from UCI will assume rotation of chair for 2006-07.  Thanks were extended to Kathy Stroud for her leadership.

Optional tour of UC Riverside Map Collection was held.  Thanks were extended to Wendie for lunch & hospitality.  Meeting adjourned at 3:30.

Recorded by:  Julia Gelfand


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