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UC/Stanford Map Libraries Group (UCMLG) Meeting
UC Irvine, June 26, 2008
Final Minutes

Chair: Wendie Helms (UCR)
Recorder: Yvonne Wilson (UCI)
Present: Julia Gelfand (UCI), Tracey Hughes (UCSD), Jan Ingalls (Stanford), Cynthia Jahns (UCSC), Mary Larsgaard (UCSB), Mike Smith (UCSD), Kathy Stroud (UCD), Julie Sweetkind-Singer (Stanford), Fatima Van Buren (UCB), Brian Williams (UCI)

Welcome from UCI: Julia presented a message from Lorelei Tanji, UCI AUL for Collections, which admonished the group to stay in touch with Lucia Snowhill, and look for a call for JSC titles in a few weeks.

1. Introduction of attendees

2. Approval of the minutes: Three changes were submitted for the Dec. 17, 2007 minutes and the minutes were approved.

3. Sanborn scanning update- Julie
Julie has drafted a contract for LC Map and Geography Section to scan pre-1923 Sanborn maps. She is basing the contract on a previous digitizing contract between LC M&G and University of North Texas. Stanford could apply money from a $70,000 endowment to this project. Julie would also like to arrange for a pilot before starting a full fledged project. The contract has been on John Hebert’s desk since January, and the project is dormant until LC responds.

Action item: Julie will contact Cal State Northridge Geography Department about their interest in scanning Sanborns.
Action Item: Cynthia will look into writing a LAUC-I research grant for scanning and digitzing the Sanborns for Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

4. Overview/comparisons mapping/GIS interfaces using census type questions - JS, TH, ML, JG, WH
Spreadsheet of comparisons based on questions listed in the UC/Stanford Map Libraries Group meeting of December 17, 2007. Comparisons are on wiki. General comments are given below.
ArcWeb Explorer (ESRI) – Product was not developed and has been removed from the market.
Geolytics (on-line database) – Mary & Mike - Must know how to use shape files. There can be errors in the statistics. They also looked at the company web site. Consortial price still stands and could be proposed for the next JSC call for databases. Mike will recheck on price and include Stanford. There are errors in stats sometimes, and there a questions about the neighborhood comparisons between years
Kathy reported on the Geolytics CDs.
Neighborhood Knowledge – Julia – It was being revised, simple to use, limited, newer version should include more areas.
SimplyMap- Kris K from UCLA has not loaded her comparison on the wiki.
Social Explorer – Wendie- Part of site is free, covers historical census information, 1940-2000 most comprehensive, working on exporting shape files in GIS, video feature for maps over time underdevelopment, good but does not replace Geolytics. More than one variable can be searched on Social Explorer at one time, however, the variables are not the same for all the files. Analysis vs display, analysis requires more complex GIS
PolicyMap – Like Social Explorer it is mainly free, but more data costs. Google Earth Pro has a free educational license, which has a disclosure clause. Berkeley is paying the $500 annual license. There is no campuswide site license. Tracey uses movie maker to achieve higher resolution.

Free GIS
Manifold – used at Stanford in Civil engineering, free site license and download, needs more programming
Navtech – Road maps behind Google Earth, uses GPS systems. Company is trying to get into the educational market. They are using road maps for the whole world. If a person contacts them directly they will work with the requestor, esp outside of US. And Europe,
Action item: Julie will send e-mail from Jeremy Woolen.

5. Online digital map collections – Julie & Mary
Stanford is working with the history department to scan WWII topo maps and Air Force 3d models. There 8-9,000 maps which are out of copyright. After scanning, the maps will go to storage. Jane is examining map viewers. Julie has contacted Jon Jablonski at U. of Oregon about partnering in his project using ArcGIS and scanning AMS maps and attaching the pdfs to an index. Harvard has mounted the AMS China Series using the Image Delivery System. Julie and Jon are going investigate this software.

Julie is using the software from the Stanford Parker Project to scan the Rumsey and Reid collection of birdseye views. No downloads are available yet. Julie is also working David Rumsey to develop a philanthropic map digitizing project to scan private map collections and make the images freely available.

Santa Barbara is holding maps on the Berkeley website. Any partial foreign maps sets are being offered to Stanford and Berkeley.

Berkeley has updated their AMS list of holdings. A program is needed to show which campuses have the maps.
Action – Fatima will ask her programmer if this is possible.

6. Academic map library service survey – Kathy
55 libraries responded to survey on Survey Monkey. See handout.
-most had open stacks, large collections have more staff
- larger collection visible from reference desk
- information on staffing not conclusive
-questions open vs closed collection, esp when there are not staff, and number of hours of public service
- recommending open stacks, security of esp aerial, need to be visible from a reference desk
Action item: Kathy will send summary for minutes

7. Next Gen Melvyl – Tracey
Does the group want to submit comments?
- Maps not well represented now in Melvyl
- Docs, maps, and GIS group disbanded, did test studies, not worst, OCLC record from individual campuses not loaded, just the generic OCLC record, ML lock and replace,
in order to replace the OCLC record
- There is a local record option in OCLC
- All electronic resources will show-up as third in relevance this affects
- We do want to submit comment will discuss again in December, list comments on the wiki, use the report as a beginning point

8. Change of chair, next meeting venue
- Next chair is Mike and Wendie secretary
- Next meeting will be a conference call in December. Santa Barbara may be able to host. They have a video conference set-up with web applications and Skype capability may also be available.
- The June 2009 meeting could be an in person meeting.

9. Round Robin

Berkeley – finished digitizing all indexes to aerial photos and topos are on the following website. Password ucb_eart and username ucbeart 1,500 They will be starting on air photos.

Davis – The California State budget crunch has hit the UC Davis General Libraries hard. The library is giving up several full time positions. Linda Kennedy has been permanently appointed Head of Access Services. Mary Page has recently joined the library as AUL, Technical Services. She is taking over the Technical Services Department in the midst of a reorganization which has been in the planning stages for over a year. As part of the Technical Services reorganization, the Government Information and Maps Department technical services personnel will be transferred to the Technical Services Department and relocated to the fourth floor. The Government Information and Maps Department is being disbanded. As of July 1, 2008, I, along with the map assistant, Dawn, and the map students, will be reporting to the Biological and Agricultural Sciences Reference Department and the Map Collection will be under the oversight of that department head. My contact information will remain the same. We are still working out a new service plan for the Map Collection in light of disbanding the Government Information and Maps Department. I will be cross-training the Bio/Ag Librarians to do map reference. The map acquisitions budget remains a separate funding line. Juri Stratford and Marcia Meister, government information reference librarians, will be reporting to the Humanities and Social Sciences Reference Department beginning July 1. Patsy Inouye, government information and state and local documents librarian, is proposed for transfer to Special Collections September 1.

Irvine – Enrollment will not exceed last year. Campus will not get extra money. AUL for TS & IT is leaving. The configuration of the division will be studied. The AUL will be replaced. Latin American literature bibliographer is also leaving. UCI has filled positions for performing and visual arts librarians. They are recruiting for business, head of monographic cataloging, and will be recruiting for math/physics. The new US docs librarian is Brian Williams. The new law school will start recruiting students for 09 year.

Stanford – Earth Sciences librarian is leaving and this position will be filled. Continuing to send maps to off-site storage. So far 70,000 maps are stored. Shifting is being done to determine available space. Dean for Earth Science wants space from the library. She has agreed to renovate the library. An assessment of the information and space needs of the by faculty and students, earth sciences department is being done in all the science libraries.

Santa Barbara – Larry Carver is retiring as of June 30. He will return part-time in August and will be advising the UL on the reorganize the library. He will still be responsible for library systems. The Map Library is fully staffed as of July 14. The library is still hoping for a new, the two story library sections needs seismic upgrade.

San Diego –Megan Dreger has left. Rebecca Hyde is the acting head of the Government Information and Maps Section. Library communications position is open. GIS outreach accomplished with coasters, poster, new reference works, and using del. icio. us to organize GIS info. Tracey has $23,000 in a GIS fund that she would like to use to buy data. She is going to ICPSR boot camp. The integration of computers with GIS and data software has been completed.

Santa Cruz – Elizabeth Cowell is the new AUL of Public Services. All AULs are now hired. Recruitment has started for technical services librarian, head of collection planning, archivist, and head of campus GIS with whom Cynthia coordinates works. The new addition to the library has been completed and everyone has moved into it while the old building is being renovated.

Riverside – UCR has a new chancellor, Timothy White.  UCR libraries hired a Reference and Instruction Librarian/Humanities Specialist, Jess Nevins. Interviews are scheduled in July for the Copyright, Licensing and Scholarly Communications Librarian position. 
The UCR Music Library was flooded Monday June 23 due to a leak of a flood control pipe outside the building.  The water reached just over the bottom shelf. Losses in CDs and scores were minimal. 
Budget – UCR Libraries anticipate a 3-7% budget cut.  A journal cancellation project, in duplicate formats, will allow us to protect our CDL increases for next year. 
A consulting firm, R-2, interviewed Collection Development and Technical Services staff and submitted a report.  Task forces within the libraries will use the report to determine how we should reorganize.  The report was complimentary to the Map Collection and Government Publications Department but suggested some changes in handling government document.

9. SimplyMap demo
- Lat and long now available
- Competing with BNA’s National Business Database
- Adding more layers
- Does not include 1970 census data because the geography and elements were so different from the following censuses. However, it will be added as a separate layer in the future.
- Percentage based
- Includes Mediamark information
- Includes Current Population Reports and Community Surveys.



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