UC/Stanford Map Libraries meeting
June 6, 2005                                         
UC Irvine

Attendance:  David Deckelbaum (UCLA), Julie Sweetkind-Singer (Stanford), Wendie Helms (UCR), Mary Larsgaard (UCSB), Kathy Stroud (UCD), Cynthia Jahns (UCSC), Megan Dreger (UCSD), Dawn Martin (UCSD), Yvonne Wilson (UCI), Julia Gelfand (UCI).

Special Guest: William Terrazas (Track Info Services) in the morning

Minutes:  Megan Dreger

Introductions and the meeting began at 10:00.

Lorelei Tanji - updates on CDC and JSC

CDC – Lucia Snowhill will be chair, starting in June.   They are working with Nancy Kushigian on shared collections.  They are interested in the outcome of the summit meeting in terms of long range plan, etc.  Haven’t yet addressed who will replace Phyllis as CDC liaison.

JSC – Intrigued by shared cataloging proposal for online resources.  Going to continue that discussion at the next JSC.    

JSC non-survey letter – working on what they already know are priorities.  If there are tier 1 or tier 2 proposals, please send forward.   To recommend open access material that should be cataloged, make proposal.

Aerial photography scanning projects

UCSB (Mary)

MIL has 3 projects:

  1. Catalog each flight (12,000 – 24,000?) at flight level (about 200 frames per flight on average) They have coverage of entire state.  Additional coverage of southern CA south of Santa Barbara.
  2. Scanning indexes (8000 indexes).
  3. Scanning aerial photos (about 3 million air photos, 1 ½ million are unique items) 130,000 frames scanned now.  Starting with high use. 

What map libraries want to do matches with commercial firms.   Libraries differ from commercial firms because they have no time constraints.  MIL has about 90 searches a day. 

MIL policies: