APRIL 29, 1999

CSULB Library

Attendance: David Deckelbaum (UCLA, chair), Larry Carver (UCSB), John Creaser (UCB), Julia Gelfand (UCI), Barbara Haner (UCLA), Wendie Helms (UCR), Phil Hoehn (Stanford, recorder), Cynthia Jahns (UCSC), Mary Larsgaard (UCSB), David Lundquist (UCD), Dorothy McGarry (UCLA), Yvonne Wilson (UCI).

1. Transboundary Resource Inventory Program. Deferred (L. Cruse was not able to attend meeting).

2. University of Nevada, Reno Request to Join UC/SMLG. After discussion, it was decided that this request would need to be directed to UC's Collection Development Council. UC/SMLG is an official group sanctioned by that Council and we are not empowered to add members without their approval. It was suggested that a WAML research libraries group might be desirable.

3. Alexandria Library Update. Larry and Mary reported on ADL developments including the planned September launch of ADL via web interface through CDL. Several handouts described plans, contents, and the new project ADEPT (Alexandria Earth Prototype). UCSB is working on an input template for GEODEX and will send it when ready to other UC/S map libraries. A top priority for input are the Soviet topos purchased by several Group members. Larry reported on the InterLib Project involving UCB, UCSB and Stanford with partners San Diego Super Computer and CDL.

4. Teale GIS Datasets. Data is now free for those with licenses by FTP. CD-ROMs data must be paid for. The desirability of a UC-wide (or UC/S-wide) license agreement(s) was discussed. Also joint licensing (and serving of data) for WESSEX, WAC photos, Thomas Bros. Maps five-year snapshot tapes, etc. were discussed. It was suggested that we email each other about new site licensed databases we acquire.

5. Sanborn Maps/CRL. Mary will put together a list of map collections at CRL libraries and the Group will send out a message suggesting that CRL acquire the UPA microfilm of Sanborn maps (ca. 1900-1990) as a supplement to their Chadwyck-Healey set of earlier film.

>6. Infomine Update. Wendie handed out instructions for the adder page. She reported that "datasets" is being used as a keyword in conjunction with "gis" to enable users to easily pull up web sites with downloadable GIS data. Margaret Mooney is working to get Infomine data into the UCR local system for integration into MELVYL (and possibly to FTP Stanford also for loading into Socrates). Several sample MARC format Infomine records were distributed. More inputting libraries around the world are needed.

7. ISLA Update. Tabled since a talk on this project will be at the WAML meeting.

8. LC Grant for Scanning Historical Collections. LC would like suggestions for items to scan and for financial support and to borrow material for scanning they do not own. Possible scanning projects were discussed, including historical county land ownership maps, air photos, etc. Mary and John will follow up with USGS which is contemplating scanning early topo quads in conjunction with LC. Larry reported that ADL will put up the latest Landsat TM images for California soon; they are georectified.

9. New Chair. David D. turned over the chair to incoming chair Wendie.

  1. Next Meeting. It was suggested that the next meeting be held in the fall in conjunction with an ADL demonstration/training session at USCB.


The following were passed out at the meeting. If you did not receive one contact the person listed in parentheses after the document.

Letter from Linda Newman regarding UC/Stanford Map Group (David D.)

The Alexandria Digital Library Project: Past, Present and Future (Larry, Mary)

Metadata and data sets to be loaded into Alexandria Digital Library for September (Mary)

Ingest Scan and Footprint Generation Priority Flights: Phase 1 Loading (Mary)

Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle (DOQ) Availability (Mary)

The InterLib Project (Larry)

Basic Instructions for Adding Web Resources to MAPS & GIS Infomine (Wendie)

[Four Infomine MARC format records] (Wendie)