UCSMLG meeting, 8/27/99 - brief minutes

The meeting was called to order at 9:35am.
After introductions, Mary presented a one-page handout summarizing metadata and data loaded into ADL Catalog'99. [I fear I forgot the following!! so am doing a congressional-record bit here] The ADL Catalog is gradually being phased out; currently all large collections are in ADL Catalog'99. At some point (Mary hopes fairly soon), ADL Catalog will be killed, and Catalog '99 will be renamed to ADL Catalog.
Linda Hill gave an overview of the ADL Gazetteer. She noted that:

Please notify Linda about any gazetteer web sites that you find. Her email is: lhill@alexandria.ucsb.edu Linda (and Larry Carver and Mary!) request that you try the Gazetteer out at your reference desks and see how it works for your users and you.
Suggestions for improvement - if you send to calmap, then we can all read what you come up with, and Mary would be happy to send on to Linda. Larry Carver gave a brief presentation on the ADL interfaces: Take a look at: http://siolib-155.ucsd.edu/adl/ and send suggestions for improvement to calmap; Mary can send on to the ADL Implementation Team. Please also send suggestions for improvement to the draft help handouts to Mary. [note: I've asked Richard Becker to send you the URLs when he's got them on the Web.] The main problem that was noted is that users are going to think that the map reflects Gazetteer searches, and it does not.
Larry Carver gave a presentation on a proposed security system for ADL, which would use "Smart Cards" - they look like a credit card with a computer chip in them. Equipment required would be a card reader (costs about $60); software is being developed on UCSB so shouldn't be any cost there.
John Ober noted that the certification/ authentication system being worked on by UC is not done like this, but that this is one of the options. Larry Carver gave a brief presentation on "BuddyHelp" software, which is being developed on campus; it would be handy for helping users with reference questions, since it would allow the librarian to view the user's screen and to make changes to it/issue commands.
John Ober gave a presentation on CDL.
Main points:
John suggested exploring how OAC work can inform or contribute to working on UCSMLG map-scanning needs. Noted by map librarians that CA historic topos are very high use, and UCSMLG needs to work with OAC and get them scanned and online. Another collection priority within CDL is government information; action plan is being developed by Andrea Sevetson; Jim Jacobs is working on the California Data Warehouse. Fortunately, CA topos are government-produced items, so that may be another approach UCSMLG can take.
John noted that Bev French is taking on OAC, which has an advistory board (mainly special-collection lbirarians).
ACTION ITEM: John will see what he can do about having the OAC advisory board talk with us. John Creaser gave a brief presentation on the CA-topo scanning project that UCB is working on.
At 1:45pm, the UC GIS group came by, and Larry and Mary gave brief presentations on MIL.
We then adjourned to the UCEN's Harbor Room for a co-meeting with UCGIS. Each of the UCSMLG group introduced self and gave brief overview of collection concentrations in their map collection.
John Ober gave a brief presentation on CDL.
After some questions and answers, Mike Goodchild and other persons in attendance mentioned the following points:
At 3:10pm, UCSMLG went back to the library.
Wendie took over the meeting at this point.